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Brand naming and naming a new business is hard. The brand naming process can be complex to try and find that balance between the perfect name and not sounding like the competition.

The right name should fit your target audience and brand strategy which makes up your brand personality and target market. Social media can help establish new brands because you can gain exposure to your brand very quickly to find out what resonates with your chosen market.

It’s important to establish your branding before you start marketing your product or service and to do that, you need a great brand name or brand identity. Brand names don’t always need to be a real words. Think of Google, Yahoo, Microsoft.

These are not real words, however, these days, establishing a brand name using descriptive words will help people understand what your business or brand is all about.

We’ve compiled a list of unique and creative business name ideas to help you find something that resonates. Check out our list of business name ideas or use one you can come up with after reviewing our unique names.

Business Name Search in the UK

If you are based in the UK, you might want to also check companies house to make sure the domain name you choose is an exact match of the company name that is available at company’s house.

Business Name Search in the U.S

If you’re starting a business in the U.S, you need to conduct a business name search from in your state.

Reach out to your state filing office to find out how to search their database. If the desired name (exact or similar) is matched in your state’s database, you’ll have to find another name.

Here are some business name search tools:

Business Name Ideas for Naming a Brand

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