Lucky Name Generator

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Are you feeling lucky? Looking for a lucky name generator to find a username, business name or alias. 

Look no further, use our lucky name generator to generator thousands of names and with a bit of luck, you’ll find the name want.

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How can I use lucky name generator?

Clicking the Feeling lucky button will select random words from the English language and create a term. 

You can then click the search button to check the availability of the domain name for the random term. 

What are the advanced settings?

Using the advanced settings, you can control the types of words that are selected. 

For example, how many words you would like to be selected at random, the types of words to be selected e.g. noun, verb, preposition and verb. 

You might want only 2 nouns to be selected or a noun and 2 verbs. Here are a couple of examples.

1 noun and 2 verbs

  • LittleAreaName
  • HighIssueResearch
  • AbleWayPractice
  • FavoriteNameKind
  • LightProblemTerm
  • PastListApplication

1 preposition and 1 adjective

  • PutOver
  • BreakAbove
  • ExplainDespite
  • BreakAcross
  • AffectExcept
  • FeatureInside
  • FailAfter

2 nouns

  • FreshEnvironmental
  • SecondAvailable
  • IndependentPink
  • VariousNormal
  • BeautifulSafe
  • FurtherCool

As you can see, very quickly you can generate hundreds of names and with some luck, you’ll find a gem in the haystack. 

Also check the suggestions

Don’t forget, finding a lucky combination of words is only the start of the lucky name generator. 

Once you click that search button, the domain name generator will find suggestions based on your search term. 

For example, IndependentPink also gave the following suggestions, that were available at the time of the search.


So what are you waiting for?! Finding a great domain name is like winning the lottery. Sometimes, you can just get lucky.